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Catch Some Tails!

Miles "Tails" Prower (OVA)
31 May
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Current Status/Possessions:
OVA Knuckles' Duffel Bag which has: a working calculator, a mid-90's cellphone, a working digital watch, a non-functional Sega Game Gear, a mid-90's electronic organizer with a broken LCD screen, one spare pair each of shoes and gloves (and buckles to fasten them), his flight helmet, small toolkit, a mini-laptop, and about $150 in cash.

Is presently at Rouge's place with Marine, doing various chores for Rouge and hoping to get a new place soon.

Character: Miles "Tails" Prower
Version: Sonic the Hedgehog: the Movie/OVA/anime/whatever
Personality: This is a fairly unique version of Tails compared to others. A good way to sum him up is that of a fairly rambunctious but intellectual child who isn't afraid to get his hands dirty on the field, but also show the discipline and ability to retreat to an indirect role when needed. This Tails does take on some qualities of Sonic, such as showmanship and even similar taunts to his opponents. And yet he's very different from Sonic when it comes to an approach on a situation. While Sonic is generally lazy about something (although he'll eventually do it on the last minute/second), Tails is usually quick to jump at requests for help. This, in turn, leaves him open to taking the fall for people faking help or perhaps putting too much trust into people. This also puts him as a foil for Sonic in these situations, although he is not a general foil to him; he provides a voice of reason when it comes to persuading him to help out.

His confidence and ability on the field is most striking. He is very nearly Sonic's equal and is able to fly at speeds very close to him (other sources I've checked, such as the Archie comics, show him falling behind when in flight). Both are able to dodge attacks rather quickly and both show quick reactions to attacks. This makes this Tails more combat ready and more willing to provide direct help. Tails' ability of flight is extended in the OVA, giving him the ability fly for more than simple scouting and getting across areas. His ability to offer indirect help is similar to other versions: his quick thinking and intellect allow him to come up with plans on the getgo and create and modify technology helpful to a mission is invaluable as always. He will be more than willing to retreat if needed to come up with a better plan.

He's more than able to go off into his pursuits if need be and although he rarely separated himself from Sonic, he is able to go about business on his own. Sometimes it's done out of necessity, or genuine care for Sonic, such as when he tried to keep under wraps from him the Ice Caps dilemma out of concern for his injuries (and thus dismayed when Sonic was found to have eavesdropped the whole time).

Initial Items: OVA Knuckles' duffel bag, inside which are various small electronics from the Land of Darkness ('Ancient' relics, they are). See the History section to see how he got the duffel bag.

Specifically inside: a working calculator, a cellphone (which he's trying to get working properly), a working digital watch (it's a little big on his wrist), a non-functional Sega Game Gear (no game cartridges either D^:), an electronic organizer with a broken LCD screen, one spare pair each of shoes and gloves (and buckles to fasten them), his flight helmet, and a small toolkit. All electronics contained inside have technology that are circa mid-90's; think the slightly bulky stuff from before '96, my how cellphones have changed!

On his wrist is a small communicator watch (like Eggman's navigator in size, but it doesn't expand) but it is broken and non-functional anywhere outside Planet Freedom.

History: Backstory of Tails as per the Sonic OVA is mostly non-existent thanks to the 60 minute run-time necessitating the here-and-now. However, some important pieces can be inferred from the getgo: Tails, like Sonic, make a living out of saving Planet Freedom and stopping Robotnik. He and Sonic are kept in contact with the President and it can be inferred that through this relationship, the two receive funds and other gifts after each successful mission. Through this, he and Sonic helped build a place they call home in a part of the Land of Sky known as South Island: a rudimentary base networked together through the wreckage and ruins of various 'ancient relics' (present-day Earth-era technology). When they're not saving the world, they relax into their own hobbies. This simple cycle of events keeps both heroes loose and on the ready for the next big attempt of world domination by Robotnik. The funding from the President helps Tails' hobbies in particular; his love of technology. The base contains a lab for testing and creating new things, and a large hangar which contains a retractable runway for the Tornado.

The latest mission from the President was unceremoniously delivered by Old Man Owl (presumably a friend of the two). After saving his hide from running into a rock wall, Sonic and Tails went to the Presidential Palace where it turned out that the President and his lovely daughter Sara were held hostage by Dr. Ivo Robotnik. Robotnik claimed that his base down in the Land of Darkness, Robotnikland, had been taken over by a metal doppleganger of himself called Metal Robotnik. He told Sonic and Tails that his metal counterpart took control of his robots and sabotaged the Robot Generator which, if left untamed, would release excess amounts of electricity which could put the integrity of Planet Freedom at serious risk. The two were basically forced into this, given the position of the President, so Tails left with Sonic for the Land of Darkness.

Their arrival spot in the Land of Darkness was the ruins of ancient city (*cough*New York City*cough) where they ran into this Metal Robotnik that Robotnik talked about. The two went into an extended race (down the Cross Bronx Expressway*cough*) and tried to escape (to New Jersey via the George Washington Bridge*coughcough* Man I need some water) but eventually got help from Knuckles and the three teamed up together to defeat it and find out it was Robotnik and Sara inside the whole time. The three were then led to Robotnik Land (located in the Bronx where I used to live*cough*) where they had to stop a bomb which was placed on the Robot Generator.

It turned out to be a trap, Sonic's DNA was copied in a tube and transferred to Hyper Metal Sonic, who was revealed by Robotnik. The two clash but Tails had other plans to figure out this robot, he made the surprise decision to hurry back to his base in the Land of Sky with Knuckles to do some research on how to defeat it. From this, Tails deduced that the navigator Robotnik had given them to find Robotnik Land was built of the same parts as Hyper Metal Sonic. In addition to this, he correctly deduced that Hyper Metal Sonic and Sonic were basically linked and shared the same memories, after seeing Old Man Owl dressed in Sonic's favorite clothes, from Hyper Metal himself! Tails also discussed that Hyper Metal Sonic's likely target was the Ice Caps; destroying them by getting the underground magma to shoot up to the surface, it would destroy the world exactly as Robotnik planned.

Sonic overheard Tails' discussion about the Ice Caps and went there to stop Hyper Metal. Tails fortunately came prepared and using the new modifications to Robotnik's navigator, he used it to nullify Hyper Metal at a critical point where he had gained an upper hand in a fight against Sonic. This also effectively put Hyper Metal on their side, though only briefly: he saved the President and Old Man Owl (who had crashed into the Ice Cap prior in the President's ship). Hyper Metal was blown into a crack and into the subglacial volcano where he melted away of his own will in spite of Sonic's efforts to save it (“There can only be one Sonic”).

With Robotnik's plan foiled, things were back to normal, Knuckles hit Sonic on the head for hitting him on the head earlier, they break into chase, Tails went to follow, Robotnik was involved somewhere because of Sara hitting him, blah blah, happy ending.

After the ending, Tails dragged Sonic back to their base to avoid Knuckles' 'wrath' and just get back to relaxing after another job well done. Among the gifts from the President, Sonic and Tails received new communicator watches and parts to build a new Tornado (the previous one having been destroyed by a...um...rabbit-shaped missile). Tails was fascinated from the 'ancient relics' found in the Land of Darkness and he took a warp zone over there to collect some 'artifacts' for research. Seeing as Knuckles left his duffel bag at the base, Tails didn't see too much harm in borrowing it for a bit to collect some items.

He did get an angry call from Sonic (actually Knuckles who grabbed Sonic's wrist with the watch still on it) in which he wanted his 'priceless' duffel bag back. Tails knew how Knuckles would be in times like this, so he went for the nearest warp zone to return back to the Land of the Sky.

Except he didn't return back to the Land of the Sky! He instead landed in (this) Station Square. Seeing a city like that in the Land of Darkness, but instead under bright and sunny skies and populated by millions of people made Tails think just one thing: “Wow! I must've been warped to the past!”

Yup, if you say so.

Minor Notes: This Tails has black eyes, a more squarish muzzle, and slightly less bushier tails, to tell him apart easier from the other blue-eyed versions. His speech pattern is different, notably it's a bit fastpaced and a bit nasal (homaging the English dub). He's roughly the same height as other versions.

To be fair on others around here, his DBZ-esque ability to instantly teleport short distances which was seen in various points in the movie is limited to times when his body is in a sort of adrenaline rush (say, after a long run or extended battle) and can be used for only brief moments.

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