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Catch Some Tails!
This is an OOC post :3 Any comments about how I'm doing with the character and interactions and general stuff go here. No need to comment anonymously but it's open to that just in case. Comment however you like, although criticism of the constructive kind is always best.

I don't think it's necessary, but I'll screen comments just in case.
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Wow, terminology in this world sure is weird, shouldn't it be 'web log'?

Oh hey, I'm Tails! But I think most of you know this already, I got a lot of briefings from some very nice people about where I am and it seems there's already two other 'me's around. I seemed to have arrived from another world! Or maybe another version of my world? Who knows? It's very exciting to be here!

Let's see, I'm on my notebook and I finished some important business for Rouge. She was nice enough to let me stay at her apartment! It looks really cool, I hope I can get some more advanced tools and some sort of electronics apparatus and then I can REALLY make something useful for you guys.

It looks like this 'Eggman' (I still can't get used to this name, it's very silly!) has some sort of control over space and time! It's a very powerful and scary prospect. As much as I'd love to find him right away, I really need to get settled here in this world, because I don't think I will be able to get a warp zone back to Planet Freedom any time soon!

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*specifically down the block from a computer repair shop, walking down the streets with his bag. Yes he's talking to himself in a monologue, anime style*

So it turns out this ancient handheld organizer is old even in THIS time period but maybe I could scavenge around and make it even better! Of course this city isn't ruined here, I can't just go anywhere for what I need...*puts it away in his bag*

My funds are running low, I can only stay around in a park for so long; it seems like I'll be stuck here for a while!

I wonder if anyone needs any help in exchange for some money around here?

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